Welcome to Riverview Trust Company!

We are passionate about helping people solve financial problems, understand their wealth, and protect their family and property. We recognize that for many people financial planning and investing is complex, frustrating, and sometimes overwhelming. We also know how devastating the lack of good planning and prudent management can be to long-term goals. Individuals, families, and entities need advice and guidance that is given in their best interest and free of conflicts of interest.

We love making the complicated clear and the confusing easy to understand.

Riverview Trust Company is a state-chartered trust company that has been in business for over two decades, providing investment management, wealth planning and trust services to individuals, families, and non-profits across Washington and Oregon.

As a fiduciary, whether we are managing your wealth or a trust for your heirs, it is our ethical and legal duty to act in your best interest at all times. We maintain the highest standard of care and carefully balance the investment and administrative aspects of serving as fiduciary with the very real and emotional aspects of handling your wealth now and for future generations.

We have the depth of knowledge and experience to handle your complex wealth needs and the advantage of being a locally run company. Each client matters, services can be highly customized, and our success depends on the quality of our work and our relationship with you.

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We’ve developed

a business model, grounded in fiduciary principles, that puts our clients’ needs first. Built on our knowledge, expertise, and experience, our approach is comprehensive and highly personalized.

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Experienced staff

members with extensive knowledge and experience in financial planning, investment management, trust law and administration, tax strategy, and accounting.

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We design

portfolios people can understand and live with, based on decades of research. We focus on building highly diversified portfolios with the appropriate amount of risk and a strategic asset allocation appropriate for you.

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